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Sam Binga x TT The Artist - Watch Me (Music Video)

Out now with Bandcamp exclusive instrumental for the heads here:


One final Pineapple Banger this year before 2020 is consigned to the collective cesspit of memory and it is A Rowdy One - think Chicago BPM, Dallas Subs and chant-along hooks.

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Sam Binga
Bang0rz → https://open.spotify.com/artist/2oyU4eToyQkxAFjkB3blsi?si=raVbadutQdmPy8QzO4bEjQ.

Videos → https://youtube.com/sambingamusic/
Pictures → https://www.instagram.com/sambingamusic/
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TT The Artist
Bang0rz → https://open.spotify.com/artist/1T6Em6UJ7pSdgXw5V72YHr?si=Ej7jBstRRAmEQhGWeSSC2w
Pictures → https://www.instagram.com/tttheartist
Opinions → https://twitter.com/tttheartist
Like → https://facebook.com/Iliketttheartist

Big shout to the stupid talented Daisy Roots Movement Dancers who filmed their routines during 2020's many and varied lockdowns.
Pictures / Videos → https://www.instagram.com/daisy.roots.movement
Like → https://www.facebook.com/daisyrootsmovement

Last and never least, much love to the extended Pineapple fam for killing it all year

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