Sam Binga & Redders - Curry G.O.A.T. Documentary

October 2020, Bristol UK: burning with the righteous fire of men who KNOW that they've created a towering monument to the timeless magic of UKG
- 'Curry G.O.A.T.' EP out 6th Nov, pre-order your copy -
Sam Binga and Redders prepare to electrify a plague-ridden West Country metropolis with rapid fire bars, thundering riddims and the finest of locally sourced cuisine.
Pineapple Records is blessed to provide an intimate look at how a once in a generation cultural event came to redefine the words 'Socially Distanced Rave'.
With guest contributions from literally several luminaries of the world famous Bristol Bass Music scene, we hope you're entertained, informed and most of all, compelled to preorder the Curry Goat EP, out 6th November at

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Sam Binga
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